Michelle Kapler is a Certified Life Coach, specializing in overdrinking and alcohol freedom. She works with high achieving women, who want to explore their relationship with alcohol, without judgement and without labels.

As a highly successful entrepreneur, multiple times over and a mother, Michelle understands what its like to have a big, full, wonderful life on the outside… but to truly feel like you need that nightly glass (or bottle) of wine to make it through life. To feel like sometimes you are drinking against your own will. To feel like you have lost control.

Michelle has now been living an alcohol free life for over two years. To achieve this, she used tools based in cognitive psychology, thought work and coaching, to completely lose her desire for alcohol and create a beautiful amazing life, without identifying as an alcoholic or using a 12 step program. She now helps her clients do the same.

To hear the full story of Michelle’s journey with over-drinking, head over to the podcast (The Alcohol Freedom) and check out episode two.

When Michelle isn’t coaching her clients online, you can find her creating healthfully indulgent meals, drinking herbal tea, digging in one of her family’s many veggie gardens or hanging out with her husband, two kids and a couple of chickens, on their solar powered homestead in Ontario Canada.

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Join is for a modern conversation about alcohol and motherhood on the The Alcohol Freedom Podcast. We ask deep questions and explore topics on alcohol and help you redefine your relationship with drinking without labels and without judgment.