Fertility Journeys: Grief, Growth and Same Sex Fertility with Tanya Smith

Today I’m talking with Tanya Smith, a fellow TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioner and ABORM fellow. I invited her on the podcast because she is someone who I've really looked up to over the years. I met her when I did a summer...


The Canadian Fertility Show with Dr Jodie Peacock

Today I’m talking with Dr Jodie Peacock all about the Canadian Fertility Show. I have had the pleasure of being an exhibitor and a speaker at the Canadian Fertility show, a number of times, since its inaugural year in 2018. It generally...


Unpacking PCOS with Dr Sarah DiMunno

I have the pleasure of working with Sarah at my clinic. In addition to her awesome skills as a doctor, she’s a woman empowerer who works with women to heal their fatigue, stress, and abnormal menstrual cycles and help them get the energy,...


Fertility and Sleep

Do you know what rarely gets the spotlight when it comes to optimizing your fertility? Research shows that sleep is foundational and essential to our health. Yet, it’s seldom discussed in the fertility clinic experience and isn’t up...


IVF Talks (and Fertility Exercise!) with Nikki Bergen

When I brought Nikki onto my show, I thought we were going to talk mostly about exercise, pelvic blood flow, and optimizing fertility through movement, but she’s very open about her past struggles with fertility. So, we ended up talking...


Fertility Journeys: PCOS and Mindset with Val McCachren

Imagine someone telling you at 14 years old that you’ll find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to have children. Surprisingly, this isn’t as uncommon an occurrence as you might think. Millions of desperate women struggle to...


IVF Questions

You’ve heard the stories before. Perhaps you’ve even watched videos online of women discussing how they’ve tried for years to get pregnant, only to keep facing disappointment year after year after year with each negative test...


How Your Body Care Products Can Affect Your Fertility with Emma Rohmann

We’re exposed to environmental toxins everywhere. They lurk in the air we breathe, in the food and water we consume, and in the personal care and cleaning products we use. Today, I and my guest Emma Rohmann talk all about these...


Optimizing Fertility with Health Basics

Nutrition, movement, sleep, and mental health form the four facets critical to getting your body as healthy as possible. Like legs to ensure the sturdiness of a square table, each is as equally important as the others. If one goes unattended then...


Meet Michelle

Are you looking to start or expand your family? Congratulations! You’ve found access to information and tools to help you optimize your fertility to grow your family, no matter where you are on your fertility journey. I’m Michelle...


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