29. I Can Drink Whenever I Want

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Michelle Kapler
29. I Can Drink Whenever I Want

In today’s episode our host, Michelle Kapler talks about our current narrative when it comes to solving your drinking problem is that “you can never drink again”.


Today we are exploring an alternative way to think about it.


How would it feel to say “I can drink anytime I want to”?


What would it be like if I told you it was possible to change your relationship with your drinking, without having to abstain for the rest of your life?


What if there was an option to do this in a way that didn't involve renouncing your power and choice to something outside of yourself?


What if there was a solution that left YOU completely in the driver’s seat?


How would that change the way you think about changing your relationship with alcohol?


In this episode, we cover all of those questions and more…


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