32. The Importance of Community with Lindsay Sutherland Boal

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Michelle Kapler
32. The Importance of Community with Lindsay Sutherland Boal

In today’s episode our host, Michelle Kapler interviews Lindsay Sutherland Boal, the founder of She Walks Canada. They talk about sobriety, addiction, recovery and living an alcohol free life in the context of being a woman.


They also talk about the importance of community and of surrounding yourself with people who get it and people who can be an example of what is possible.



Lindsay’s Bio


Lindsay Sutherland Boal is an Empowerment, Life and Purpose coach, executive responsible for relationship development at Urban Outline; she’s the podcast host and producer of The COVID Chronicles Canada and The ShamegriLa Podcast, an amateur ultra-distance athlete, stage and TV actor, and opera singer and now the founder of SHE WALKS CANADA the national movement to engage women seeking an alcohol-reduced or alcohol-free life.


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