Male Fertility

Today we are going to talk about all things male fertility - sperm, semen, men’s health. All of it!


In my clinical practice, most of my patients are women and people with eggs and ovaries. I would say close to 90% of the people I...


Managing Expectations with Renee Pilgrim

Today I’m talking with one of my dearest friends, Renee Pilgrim. She and I went to acupuncture school and she is my GO TO referral for folks who are needing extra support in the emotional health part of things.


In this episode, we...


Fertility and Relationships

Today in this solo episode, we are going to talk about relationships and how fertility challenges can impact relationships. In this episode, we talk about


What common scenarios I see between couples when they are going through fertility...


Fertility Trauma and Mental Health with Social Worker Leah Micallef

**trigger warning - infant loss and fertility trauma**


In this episode, I'm sharing a conversation with Leah Micallef. Leah and I met when she was my patient years ago. She is now someone who I not only consider a colleague in the...


Stress and Fertility

Today in this solo episode, we are going to dive into a topic that comes up a lot in the fertility world. Stress.


There is a lot to unpack with this topic. Far more than I could possibly hope to cover in one episode. But I want to try to...


Toxins & Heavy Metals and Fertility with Dr. Jessica Dupont ND

Today my guest is Dr Jessica Dupont, a naturopathic doctor with years of experience in the fertility specialty. We are going to be talking specifically about toxins and heavy metals and how exposure to these things might negatively impact your...


Common Fertility Questions

Today on this solo episode, I’m going to be answering some of the most common questions I get in my clinical fertility practice. You might be wondering about a few of these questions yourself. I haven't done a solo episode in a while - so...


Fertility Journeys: Secondary Infertility with Sarah Mickeler

Today my guest is Dr Sarah Mickeler. She’s a prenatal chiropractor in Toronto - and our bond was originally formed over discussions of clinic ownership. We both own wellness clinics in the west end of Toronto - and our friendship has grown...


Fertility Journeys: Infant Loss with Michelle O'Brien


*trigger warning: infant loss and death*


Today I’m talking with Michelle O’Brien who has generously offered to share her story of losing her daughter Harper, a few days after birth. This one is a tough one, so I would...


Fertility and Mental Health with Social Worker, Amira Posner

On this episode, I’m talking with Amira Posner, a therapist and social worker, with an exclusive focus in the area of fertility and infertility challenges.


Amira and I have known each other professionally for years and I refer local...

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