Preparing for IVF

In this episode I’m talking about preparing for IVF. I’m going to be offering this info to you as if you were brand new to the IVF experience. But if you’ve already done some treatment with IVF, there will be lots of good info for you here too!


I want to talk about a few important aspects of preparation for IVF. It can be an all encompassing experience, especially if you don’t have all of the information. People who go into it, knowing little about it, can sometimes find themselves feeling overwhelmed. So I want to offer some suggestions today, for things to consider.


This top 5 list is certainly not exhaustive. And some may need to lean into certain aspects more than others. This list is coming from 10 years of clinical experience and the conversations I have over and over, every day, with my patients.


My Top 5 Considerations For IVF Prep.


  1. Be sure to FULLY understand what will be happening medically.
  2. Get On The Same Page As Your Partner
  3. Prepare Your Body Physically
  4. Find Community and Set Yourself Up With a Support System
  5. Think About How You Want To Show Up For This Experience





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