The Birth Control Pill and Fertility with Dr. Meghan MacKinnon ND

Today I’m going to be chatting with my friend and colleague Dr.Meghan MacKinnon - a Naturopathic Doctor who focuses on women’s health and hormones. We work together at the Women360Care obstetrics and gynecology practice in Aurora.


We are going to talk all things birth control in this episode. If you are on the pill, have recently come off the pill or if you have ever been on the pill at any time, you don’t want to miss this episode.


Today we will discuss:


How the pill actually works


Consequences of being on the pill


Ways to support your body while you’re on the pill


What to do when you want to come off the pill


And, of course, the discussion that always comes up on the podcast, around deeper cultural conditioning, gender dynamics and how that affects how women’s healthcare in our modern medical system.



Dr Meghan’s bio:


Dr. Meghan MacKinnon helps women harness their hormones for optimal energy, mood, and performance at all ages and life stages.  Meghan is a women's health and hormone naturopathic doctor.  She works with women in a fully integrative manner, both in-person and virtually, helping them achieve their health goals.  Meghan has a background in comparative physiology, which nourished her analytical and curious mind.  This curiosity and drive to understand 'how things work' is now something that she applies daily to patient care.

Dr. Meghan is particularly interested in how hormones affect mood and brain health and is a passionate advocate for women to have true informed consent regarding their healthcare decisions.  She is a regular lecturer and guest speaker and she has advanced training in bioidentical hormones, registered acupuncture, natural fertility support, and environmental medicine.




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