Toxins & Heavy Metals and Fertility with Dr. Jessica Dupont ND

Today my guest is Dr Jessica Dupont, a naturopathic doctor with years of experience in the fertility specialty. We are going to be talking specifically about toxins and heavy metals and how exposure to these things might negatively impact your fertility. We will walk about


  • How people are exposed to these toxins
  • The role they might play in unexplained infertility
  • How it doesn't just stop with us but may affect future fertility, future pregnancy, future health and the health of our future children
  • How people can get started with minimizing exposure to toxins and repairing past effects from toxins
  • How far in advance people should address this issue before trying to get pregnant
  • And so much more!


I’m really excited to share today’s interview with you because I believe that environmental health is a really important consideration when it comes to fertility. And it is rarely discussed in the typical medical fertility clinic setting.


Dr Jessica Dupont’s Bio


Dr. Jessica Dupont is a Naturopathic Doctor, Birth Doula, Fertility Strategist, and a mother of 2 boys. Her practice focuses on Hormonal Regulation, Women’s Health, Fertility, & Perinatal Care.  Dr. Jessica has made it her mission to empower women worldwide to embrace their divine feminine power, take control of their health, and realize their optimal health potential so they can feel energetic, vibrant, and beautiful inside and out. It is her belief that by educating and supporting healthy women and mothers, we will have healthier children and healthier communities. 

Dr. Dupont is founder of York Region Naturopathic Doulas, and is the Creator of the noteworthy online fertility program Baby Bloomers.



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