Wisdom From a Fertility Nurse with Kristina MacRory RN

I'm going to be talking with Kristina McRory in my interview today. She is a Registered Nurse in a fertility clinic, here in Toronto. With many years of experience working in Fertility Medicine and seeing thousands of people through their fertility cycles, she has a lot of really good insight to share.


Today we are going to talk about:


  • Her role as a fertility nurse
  • What to expect when attending a fertility clinic
  • Some of the challenges she sees coming up for people
  • How to make the best of your IVF cycle
  • Loads of good advice along the way.


Kristina’s professional bio:


Kristina MacRory has been practicing nursing for almost 6 years now, which five of those years has been a focused practice specializing in fertility. Prior to becoming a nurse she had a background in Kinesiology, in which she graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science from Laurier University. Apart from her career, she lives a life with her husband and two boys, and another set of twins on the way!


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