Navigating The Two Week Wait

In this episode, we are going to dive into some ideas to help you navigate the two week wait. And this is applicable no matter how you’re conceiving, whether it's without medical intervention, with IVF or even through surrogacy.




Preparing for IVF

In this episode I’m talking about preparing for IVF. I’m going to be offering this info to you as if you were brand new to the IVF experience. But if you’ve already done some treatment with IVF, there will be lots of good info...


Advocating For Your Best Medical Care in Fertility

In this episode, I discuss a truly integrative model of healthcare. Where we take multiple practitioners, with multiple lenses and skill sets, with different recommendations, and apply each perspective when appropriate.


I also give you...


Wisdom From a Fertility Nurse with Kristina MacRory RN

I'm going to be talking with Kristina McRory in my interview today. She is a Registered Nurse in a fertility clinic, here in Toronto. With many years of experience working in Fertility Medicine and seeing thousands of people through their...


Fat Positive Fertility with Nicola Salmon

I’m so excited to share my conversation with Nicola Salmon today. She is a fertility coach and activist for better fertility care for people of size. I’ve been following her work for a few years now - I first heard her on Amanda...


Women's Health and Fertility with Amrit Singh R.Ac

On today’s episode, I’m going to be talking with Amrit Singh - a fellow registered acupuncturist in Toronto. She and I go way back, over a decade ago. We went to acupuncture school together and I remember always really admiring...


What To Do After A Miscarriage

*trigger warning: miscarriage and infant loss*


Today I’m going to be talking with you about miscarriage - which is a topic that frequently comes up in my clinical practice. At this point in my career, I have seen hundreds of women go...


The Birth Control Pill and Fertility with Dr. Meghan MacKinnon ND

Today I’m going to be chatting with my friend and colleague Dr.Meghan MacKinnon - a Naturopathic Doctor who focuses on women’s health and hormones. We work together at the Women360Care obstetrics and gynecology practice in Aurora.



Male Fertility

Today we are going to talk about all things male fertility - sperm, semen, men’s health. All of it!


In my clinical practice, most of my patients are women and people with eggs and ovaries. I would say close to 90% of the people I...


Managing Expectations with Renee Pilgrim

Today I’m talking with one of my dearest friends, Renee Pilgrim. She and I went to acupuncture school and she is my GO TO referral for folks who are needing extra support in the emotional health part of things.


In this episode, we...

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