16. Becoming The Crone: A Conversation With Feminist Therapist Vania Sukola

In this episode I am sharing my conversation with my friend and colleague Vania Sukola, a feminist psychotherapist. And we are talking all about The Crone Archetype.

This is a concept that I was introduced to when I was completing my Advanced Certification in Feminist Coaching when we were discussing the concept of ageism - where in western culture, the Maiden and the Mother Archetypes are revered and seen as useful and valuable.

But as for the crone… she is seen as old and dried up and not very important or useful. So my conversation today with Vania, is to talk about all of the awesome things that can happen in our bodies and our brains and communities when we are becoming the crone.

We talk about:

  •  What is the crone
  •  Rites of passage
  •  Societal conditioning and how that can inform our experience
  •  Ways that we can cultivate and support our own pleasure and creativity
  •  And some advice for folks who are just getting started in their own cronehood, no matter their age.


Vania’s Professional Bio

Vania Sukola is a Registered Psychotherapist. For over 20 years, Vania provided support to people who have experienced trauma due to gender-based violence and abuse. More recently Vania has a private practice that focuses primarily on reproductive mental health, birth trauma, the transition into parenthood, and the intersection of former trauma that impacts the journey into parenthood. As a Feminist Therapist, she works from an an intersectional feminist anti-racist anti-oppression framework. Her approach is relational and integrative approach, and mainly pulls from somatic and emotion-focused styles of therapy, to help your body, mind and soul heal. Vania is also a mother of 2 school-age children and is surrendering into her identity as a witch and being in the phase of Mother archetype.



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