Common Fertility Questions

Today on this solo episode, I’m going to be answering some of the most common questions I get in my clinical fertility practice. You might be wondering about a few of these questions yourself. I haven't done a solo episode in a while - so its time!


Today I want to dive into a few questions I commonly get from patients in my clinical practice. Each time I do a new patient intake, I end up answering these questions - so I figured that some of you out there might have the same thoughts.


I answer:


When should I seek a referral to a medical fertility specialist?


I had a miscarrige. Does this mean there is something wrong with me?


I’m trying the new supplement or acupuncture or dietary protocol or stress reduction technique. How long will it take to know if it's working?


I’ve been offered IVF as a next step for treatment. What do I need to know?



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