Fertility Journeys: Infant Loss with Michelle O'Brien


*trigger warning: infant loss and death*


Today I’m talking with Michelle O’Brien who has generously offered to share her story of losing her daughter Harper, a few days after birth. This one is a tough one, so I would like to offer a trigger warning for those who might have been through miscarriage or infant loss.

Michelle lives in Toronto, Ontario. She is a mother to four girls, three in her arms and one in her heart. Her first daughter, Harper, passed away due to complications three days after birth. She aims to bring awareness, compassion, and hope to other women’s lives who have also suffered heartbreak in regards to pregnancy through Well Together Health. Well Together is an online platform that aims to provide resources for families who have experienced pregnancy-related loss. Through mindfulness, nutrition, and movement, she hopes to help other women navigate their own journeys.




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